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  • Waqas Hussain


The modern workplace can often overlook the religious practices and values of Muslim professionals, leading to exclusion, discomfort, and even discrimination.

From the challenges of finding dedicated spaces for prayer and ablution to navigating alcohol centric networking and social events, Muslim professionals face unique career hurdles that can negatively impact their well-being, productivity, and progression.

Our solution is the Muslim Employment Charter (MEC).

We want to standardise workplace accommodations. No more awkward conversations or suffering in silence. Instead, a simple charter, backed by research from over 500 Muslim professionals.

Employers who partner with MEC commit to implementing our 3-part charter into their organisation. The charter collectively represents solutions to the most common workplace issues that Muslim professionals face. By standardising simple workplace accommodations and policies, employers are able to effortlessly create a truly inclusive environment.

Other benefits?

Creating an inclusive workplace is good for business...

A diverse and inclusive workforce is essential for any business to succeed in today's globalised world. By creating a more inclusive workplace, businesses can unlock the full potential of their workforce.

Brand elevation & talent attraction...

In today's competitive job market, companies need to work hard to attract and retain top talent. Publicly supporting and actively implementing MEC can help companies elevate their brand and reputation. In addition, it demonstrates a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, enabling brands to attract top talent who value these principles.

Sense of belonging & value...

Implementing MEC enables companies to demonstrate a genuine commitment to understanding and accommodating the unique religious practices and needs of Muslim professionals. When employees feel that their needs are respected and accommodated, they are more likely to feel appreciated and committed to their work, resulting in a more engaged workforce, lower turnover, and increased productivity.

Low cost & simple to implement...

Implementing MEC is a cost-effective and straightforward process that can be easily incorporated into any workplace. This means that employers can confidently implement MEC without incurring significant financial investment or having to abide by complex procedures, thus reaping the benefits of MEC with minimal expenditure/effort.

Ultimately, by joining MEC, companies can signal their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace for an underserved workforce demographic. In turn creating a more inclusive and accommodating workplace that delivers better business outcomes.


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