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Alcohol-centric social and networking events?

Making wudu in the sinks?

Makeshift prayer room?

The modern workplace is not well-catered for Muslim professionals.

96% of Muslim professionals agree.

This is where we come in. MEC (Muslim Employment Charter) aims to help employers better accommodate the needs of Muslim professionals in the modern workplace.

Employers who partner with MEC commit to implementing our charter into their organisation. As part of our services, we also deliver bespoke training to help employers better understand how Islam translates into the modern workplace.


Our goal is to help employers create an environment where Muslim professionals can thrive in their careers without compromising their religious duties. 

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Become a MEC accredited employer by implementing our simple 3-part charter.

Workplace Facilities

Creating a simple quiet space can make a huge difference. 

  • Create a dedicated multi-faith room.

  • Install ablution facilities (WuduMate etc).

Social & Networking Events

Create more inclusive social and networking events.

  • Reduce the amount of alcohol-centric social & networking events.

  • To be more inclusive, events should be held in venues that are not alcohol-centric (such as avoiding bars and pubs).


Training & Culture

Better understand how Islam translates into the modern workplace.

  •  HR & leadership attend tailored MEC workshops.

  • Integrate MEC commitment into the firm DE&I plans.

  • Annual campaign for Islamophobia Awareness Month.




Get clarity and guidance on how to meet the needs of your Muslim employees.

Muslim employees often feel like they're making a guilty trade-off between meeting the requirements of a demanding job whilst taking time to fulfil their religious duties. This feeling of guilt adversely impacts employee well-being, performance and retention.

Relying on Muslim employees to ask for adjustments or certain facilities isn't the answer as Muslim employees:

  1. Don't want to be perceived as difficult 

  2. Can be left feeling like they're inconveniencing others 

  3. It can be socially awkward​

Employers who partner with MEC commit to implementing our 3-part charter into their organisation. The charter collectively represents solutions to Muslim professionals' most common workplace issues.


By standardising simple workplace accommodations and policies, employers are able to create a truly inclusive environment effortlessly.

Benefits for Employers

Elevate your brand’s reputation and attract top talent.

By publicly supporting and actively implementing MEC, you can enhance your brand and reputation, positioning yourself as an employer of choice. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, enabling you to attract top talent who value these principles.


Align with your audience and stay relevant.

Create a more meaningful relationship with your clients by aligning with their values. As clients become increasingly conscious of DE&I, adopting MEC can help you build stronger relationships with DE&I-conscious clients.

Compliance with legal requirements

The Equality Act 2010 mandates that employers must not discriminate against employees or job applicants based on their religion, and implementing MEC can help ensure compliance with these requirements.


Unlock the full potential of your workforce

Creating a culturally confident, inclusive and welcoming workplace can boost employee satisfaction and morale, leading to increased loyalty, productivity, and performance.

Cost-effective and effortless

MEC is a cost-effective solution that can improve workforce engagement and productivity without disrupting operations or incurring significant costs.

MEC Brochure



Our latest MEC accredited employers. 


Black Antelope Law

MEC has helped us create an inclusive and welcoming work environment. Through implementing MEC we are able to attract top talent who value diversity and inclusivity. I highly recommend MEC to any company looking to create a respectful and accommodating workplace culture for an underserved demographic.

Shaheen Mamun | Co-founder


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