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Muslim professionals in the modern workplace

Why do we need a unique charter just for Muslim professionals? Muslims have unique needs in the workplace, such as:


Muslims pray 5 times a day, and 3 of the prayer times may fall during office hours. Employees must take a break and walk to the nearby mosque if a suitable prayer room isn’t available at work.



Before prayer, Muslims perform ablution (in which they wash parts of the body). Although ablution can be performed in a regular sink, it’s uncomfortable, messy and socially awkward.



During Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk (between 15 and 16 hours), which can significantly adversely impact energy levels. Established remote or flexible-working adjustments can help maintain productivity and well-being.

Events & Socials

Despite the importance of networking and work socials, many Muslim professionals avoid attending such events as they do not attend places where alcohol is a primary beverage (pubs, bars, clubs etc.). This can adversely impact valuable team bonding, career progression and workforce integration.

Through partnering with MEC, we help you better understand how Islam translates into your workplace. In turn, helping you to create the right adjustments and implement appropriate facilities to ensure Muslim professionals can thrive in their careers without compromising their religious duties.

Benefits for Employers

As a MEC accredited employer:

  • Your brand will be able to attract the best Muslim talent on the market

  • You'll have productive and content Muslim employees

  • Lower attrition among Muslim employees

  • Increased well-being and morale among Muslim employees

  • A strong sense of inclusivity and belonging among Muslim employees

Working with us

When you partner with MEC, we want to make your journey to MEC accreditation as stress-free as possible. We provide an end-to-end service with all the necessary products, experts and resources to ensure a seamless transition to MEC accreditation. 


Our partner journey map below outlines the process of MEC accreditation.

MEC Partner Journey

1. Discovery

Understand your current work environment, policies and ambitions.

2. Delivery

Present your bespoke implementation plan (including timelines and costs).

3. Commit

Make any amendments, formalise your commitment and nominate a relationship manager within your firm.

4. Support

We will work with you throughout your implementation journey, offering our expertise and network of resources to help you fulfil your implementation plan.

5. Review

Summary review before formally signing off and becoming a MEC accredited employer.


We continue to act as a key point of contact, offering ongoing learning and bi-annual staff surveys to track progress and identify future areas of improvement.

Interested in partnering with us or want to learn more?
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